Virtual Social Media Manager: Part-Time

We’re looking for a Virtual Social Media Marketing Manager to join our team. Applicants should have an 
interest in mental health, wellness, advocacy, culture & community. BIPOC college students/ recent graduates are encouraged to apply. Competitive compensation & flexible hours offered.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manages the company’s social media accounts and creates daily content that is aligned with the
    mission of the company.
  • Brainstorms and presents ideas for content.
  • Understands the overall concept of the company, including the brand, customer, product goals, and all other aspects of service.
  • Provide suggestions to management for improving customer experience on social platforms and internal processes.

The candidate will be expected to participate in a paid 90-day evaluation period to ensure that the
position is a good fit. If this opportunity is of interest to you, please send your resume or letter of interest

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